April 17th, 2015

Anni Moon’s Funktastic Giveaway Winners!!!

The 1st prize for the Kindle Fire HD & a signed paperback copy of 
Anni Moon & The Elemental Artifact goes to: Katrin Hollister 

The 5 winners who won their very own signed, dated & stamped paperback 
copy of Anni Moon & The Elemental Artifact are:

1. Mayra Tijssen 
2. Annie Douglass Lima
3. Lucy Van Eron 
4. Cassandra Wilson-Sparks 
5. Jan Farnworth 
Thank you so much to everyone who signed up. This giveaway was a great success* 
and I hope to do another one this summer. Be sure to sign up on my website, 
MelanieAbed.com by clicking the "Learn More" button, and you will automatically 
be entered in my next giveaway!

*A tip for my next giveaway... all the winners shared their giveaway links via 
social media once they entered. The winners were all chosen by a computer 
generated giveaway app based on the largest number of social media referrals, 
however, all spam-related email accounts were disqualified before the final 
drawing to ensure that all entrants had a fair chance of winning. No purchase 
was required to enter the giveaway.

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