Antirrhinum Gemin – is also commonly called Eaves-dropus. An extremely rare plant species that mimics the shape and colorings of any categorized plant species. Due to the intricate design of the plant’s mimicking abilities, the bud and tendrils have evolved to transmit sound vibrations like a microphone; it is because of this feature that this plant is no longer cataloged in the Acceptable Elofficial Plant Guide by Veridis Acceptare.

Auguriums – a specialized group of Elementals who lived out the majority of their life on Mineralstone Zephyrs. Auguriums had one of two jobs: one, they nurtured and assisted in the Elemental birthing process; two, they were scribes and seers who used Moonstones to read newly birthed Elementals’ prophecies, which they recorded in the Hall of Crystals.

Boxed – to encase Funk in sensitive Elemental areas. Some Elementals find this an unnecessary form of encasement even though others defend their right to prevent the overwhelming stench of Funk.

Continuus Humanus Educatio E-pass – is the Elofficium equivalent of a visa, or passport, which allows Elementals to live in the human realm and engage in the continuation of human studies for a longer period of time. This is necessary for Elementals who wish to attend human universities or obtain jobs.

Cracked – a cringe-worthy, morbid term used when referring to a broken Opus Stone. Once an Opus Stone is cracked, this means that the Elemental life force, or essence, within the stone was extracted in the most diabolical way rather than left in its natural state, which would be unblemished and still holding a soft glow. The only beings capable of such a vile act are members of the Fectus.

Death Date – the date when an Elemental leaves the Earthly plane. Each Opus Stone is registered with the Opus Stone Network, which has a log and posting of every Elemental Death Date on record. It is rumored that after the first hundred years of an Elemental’s life, the Death Date appears on the back of the Opus Stone; however, only a few Elementals have confirmed this, so it may be true among the few and not of the lot.

Debark – the Elemental term for exiting the TreePort portal.

DeFunkification – also known as DeFunk, the process in which Elementals take tonics, elixirs, and tinctures to eliminate Funk from their fields. The course of treatments is determined depending on how long or how intense the exposure to Funk. Humans must go through this process before entering Elemental realms.

Eggheads – a very bad name used by some Elementals to describe humans.

Egghouse – a derogatory name used for Elofficium cross-question centers for Elementals who have either broken Elemental laws or have been suspected of doing so.

Elementals – beings that are not quite human but are the first life forms established on the E-system also known as Earth. In their opinion, they are an advanced or higher evolution of man, often distinguished by five different Elemental Races: Wood, Water, Earth, Fire, and Metal. Their communities are often dictated by their Elemental Origin, but not limited to that alone. Elementals have been known to commonly live up to 500 years once they have received their Opus Stone, which is rumored to reveal their specific Death Date.

Elemental Realms – often determined by the five Elements: Wood, Water, Earth, Fire, and Metal, these realms appear to be situated within the human world but are, in fact, all originally Elemental. For example, the Wood realm is one of vision, community, and travel; therefore, this realm is often the lightest and least dense and located in the upper atmosphere. However, with the invasion of humans on land, and the dominating Fectus, many Elemental realms have moved away from land-based environments, even though some are forced to live among humans such as the Earth, Fire, and Metal realms.

Elmother – a term used to describe a mother substitute when a mother is not present. In Diana’s case, Ephegenia OggleBoggle is Diana’s Elmother.

Elofficium* – is the Elemental agency governing all Elemental realms. They investigate early Elemental deaths and regulate how much Funk is allotted between human and Elemental realms. The Elofficium maintain all rules and regulations in the hopes of creating a balance as well as enforcing Elemental law. (*Also known individually as Elofficials)

Embark – the Elemental term for entering the TreeTransport portal.

E-pass – a kind of Elemental ticket used to travel within LimBough and use the TreeTransports. Most E-passes issued are open-ended tickets for multiple TreePorts, or travel plans that change at the last minute.

Espalier Way – a framework of passages that Elemental travelers follow once they enter LimBough.

Fectus – an unspeakable evil force that plagues humans, unknowingly, and Elementals alike. The Fectus are a group of individuals all working toward the same goal of chaos. Several humans and Elementals have been exposed as members of the Fectus. They are difficult to distinguish, based on outward appearance and associations. However, nearly half of the Fectus are physically identifiable once they have transformed into monstrous creatures, notably referred to as the Fectusmorph. The Fectusmorph are often found burrowing within the recesses of the Earth, where they are better situated to divide and conquer human thoughts and minds, which ultimately fulfill their evil plans. They are associated with the Vile Trade that is run by the evil Naga Yaga.

Fectusmorph – were once either human children or Elemental children. Depending on how weak-minded they are or their level of sensitivity or their strength of sheer will, they eventually transform into monsters reminiscent of their worst nightmares. Once transformed, their primary function is to spread Funk across the Earth. They do this by drinking the fermented Plantanana Juice as their souls split from their physical bodies and journey into the world, spreading malice, fear, greed, deceit, rage, apathy, and worst of all, narcissism and jealousy.

Fleet Elservice – is the messenger of messages hub of the Elemental world. Raterons, creatures that are part bat, part rat, are hired to deliver messages due to their impressive listening and memorization skills, their expert knowledge of route assessment, their wings, which can withstand the effects of the Noos—heavily populated human cities—where the Funk is the strongest, and their fondness for trees.

For Rest Express – a platform that carries Elemental travelers from Espalier Way to the substructure of the Root Ways within LimBough. However, Elementals who visit LimBough and do not wish to travel to other realms would not take the For Rest Express and would instead visit other platforms, where they can delight in trade and commerce of the Upper, Middle, and Lower Break Branch shops and lounges, where they might meet up with other Elementals who are doing the same.

Funk – a nefarious, oppressive, unseen force that invades the fields around all living things. Funk floats around in the ether, like a shadow of negativity that sticks to the energy fields of living things, and once it has a foothold it can be difficult to get rid of. Funk is commonly found within the heaviest human-populated areas, referred to as the Noos, specifically targeted by the Fectus in order to bend and manipulate human will. Most Elementals cannot withstand long-term exposure without getting sick, which is why many elect to live away from human cities.

Golden Bee – an ancient Elemental symbol historically depicted, either forged into metal or woven into tapestries with golden-copper thread, by the first Elemental sage, telling a story of a new dawn where Elementals and humans can live and conquer evil together. The Bee has a symbolic importance within the Elemental community and is seen as a symbol of hope, regeneration, life, and the purest essence of all beings. However, after the Great Catastrophe, the Elofficium ordered all Bee imagery removed from public display and destroyed. In many circles, it is rumored that a stash of Golden Bee paraphernalia has been spirited away in undisclosed locations and are awaiting their future purpose.

Haloscreen – a large or small projected display similar to a massive television or computer screen. The images are stills or actual holographic video streams occurring three-dimensionally as per the viewer’s preference.

Imago – another form of Elemental transport via paintings also banned, decommissioned, and confiscated from Elofficium authorities. Usually, travel time depends on how many paintings one needs to cross in order to reach the destination.

Incantare – enchanted wood sourced from LimBough, usually fashioned into doors. Originally, Incantare doors were invented by Elemental families who needed a shortcut to visit their relatives who had homes on different Zephyrs, rather than traveling with the whole family through LimBough. This form of transport was often used by Elementals who maintained a residence within human realms. Officially, there used to be millions in existence, but due to Elofficium regulations on Elemental travel, the remaining few found in Elemental communities are only known by those who use them, and they are not registered.

KewST Week – something all Elemental teens strive to attain once they receive their Opus Stone. Once an Elemental discovers which Element they belong to, they begin their training and studies of that specific Element. (Some Elemental children guess based on their parentage—but in most cases, that’s not a significant determiner.) KewST Weeks usually last for three weeks, as they are intended to be a short-term study of gathering information on their Element within the human world. KewST Weeks follow the midpoints of the equinox and solstice celebrations, such as Belta (May 1st), Lugslosh (August 1st), Bolta (February 1st), and Hamsam (November 1st).

LimBough – the Elemental travel sector. This is where Elementals can easily travel around the globe finding access to human or other Elemental realms within a matter of minutes.

Metalheads – a very unfortunate name used to describe the Elementals who are part of the Metal Element.

Mineralstone Zephyrs – special Zephyrs where all Elementals make their way into the world. Inhabited by Auguriums who assisted, recorded, and prophesied all Elemental births. Mineralstone Zephyrs are composed of ninety-nine percent crystallum, whereas regular Zephyrs usually are made up of fifty percent.

Naga Yaga – the feared leader of the Fectus, often described as Queen of the Fectus. It is said that she has culled extensive Ancient Elemental knowledge and single-handedly developed the Umbos, an extraction process of removing the Essence from the Opus Stone before an Elemental dies. Her wicked practice has spawned the Vile Trade, a buying and selling of empty Opus Stones.

Non-Ergon Animas – non-working Elementals in animal form.

Noos – a pejorative Elemental term for human habitats, especially used to describe highly congested urban environments of major cities such as Chicago, Cairo, Tokyo, Paris, Jakarta, Rome, Shanghai, Berlin, Delhi, Seoul, London, New York, Rio De Janeiro, etc.

OMNI Network – is an all-encompassing digital network of Elemental history, news, politics, culture, and art. Elementals connect to the OMNI Network via Omninav devices.

Omninavigational, or Omninav Device – a small device, such as a wristwatch or wristband, which connects Elementals to the OMNI Network. These devices are light-years ahead of human-designed Internet and computer systems. Omninav devices are capable of relaying information, news, and holographic projections through physical and emotional sensory applications, which are specifically fine-tuned to an Elemental’s biological makeup.

Opus Stone – an Elemental birthstone that determines which Element one belongs to – Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, or Metal— also referred to as an identity stone. Elementals receive their Opus Stones, without warning, between the ages of eleven and eighteen years of age. The Opus Stone represents the transition between Elemental childhood into adulthood, where recipients can begin their KewST trainings in the human realm. Three days after an Elemental has passed on, their Opus Stone is claimed by the Elemental family and placed in a high-security family vault. If the Elemental who passed on no longer has any living family, the stones are auctioned off, with the expressed promise to never sell the stone or allow it to fall into evil hands. Opus Stones of deceased Elemental family members contain highly valuable information, which can only be read by either Auguriums or a handful of highly skilled Elofficium certified readers.

Opus Stone Network – an Elemental agency that keeps track of all registered Elementals at birth. This agency tracks all Elementals, as well as their designated Death Dates. They are especially helpful during KewST Weeks, as they have to keep track of newly birthed Elementals in training, especially while they are in the human realms, and they aid peace of mind within Elemental families.

Orb – a large metal structure in various shapes acting as a gateway to LimBough. On Moon Zephyr, the Orb is round and rests over the Lake.

Pirats – a name used to describe a select group of Raterons, the original rat pack of an underground non-Elofficium-congregated group that deals in sharing secrets. Several take refuge in mountain caves, and they were once notably referred to as the Pirats of the sky.

Queen’s Mirror – another form of Elemental travel. However, it is very secret, very illegal, and untraceable. The Elofficium banned and decommissioned all Queen’s Mirror transport. Wood, being the exterior material, gives the Queen’s Mirror its power to operate for travel. The glass is the combination of several Elements and some mysterious properties, which the Elofficium have not figured out. It is called QM for short. When travel has finished, the Queen’s Mirror can compactly roll up into a thin walking stick.

Raterons – the group of the Rattuspterons species mix of Rat and Bat, from which the Fleet recruits and hires messengers. Raterons are an amiable species that places education and philosophy above all else, and they most notably serve as messengers of messages for the Fleet Elservice. When they are not working, Raterons are often found in the great Elemental libraries debating philosophy or cataloging Elemental history on the OMNI Network. Raterons often make their homes in trees; however, some prefer to live in caves. There was once a period in Elemental history where Raterons were viewed as bad omens or harbingers of death. This isn’t true.

Rootway – terminals within LimBough, which Elemental travelers use to find specific TreeTransports.

Scriptorium – a scholarly library, where Elementals take on apprenticeships in Elemental Histories. Most Scriptoriums house hard-to-find books and records. These institutions are usually found within the radius of all Elemental communities.

Scrubus DeFunkertas – an excellent yet simple scrub recipe,* which, when added to one’s bathing rituals, or when simply applied to the skin, neutralizes Funk and pulls it away from the body’s energy field, thus creating a protective layer, impervious to Funk’s effects.**

*For all recipes, read Unlocking Botanical Potency by Flora Quintessence.

**Depending on the levels of Funk exposure, one application will last for twenty-four hours.

Section #255 of Elofficium Rulings and Regulations – an Elofficium mandate that all Bee icons, imagery, and paraphernalia are banned from public display and surrendered to Elofficium HQ.

Section #3353 of Elofficium Rulings and Regulations – an Elofficium mandate that all Elementals engaging in educational practices within human communities must be registered and cleared with the Elofficium Department of Education, with or without an Opus Stone, and said approved applicants are subject to biyearly progress reports via educational facility and Elofficium representative.

Shield Fields – distinct circular currents that radiate around the life force of a body. Elementals claim that the shield field forms after receiving their Opus Stone; however, according to ancient Elemental texts, humans have achieved this, as have many other life forms. Referred to as an aura in the human realm.

Skurfer – adept Elementals who have learned the secrets of wind whispering, which allows them to manipulate and ride air currents. See skurfing below.

Skurfing – the riding of air currents on flat metal disks. Usually, Elemental kids and teenagers attempt this mode of travel for fun. It is limited to Zephyrs alone, mainly due to the powerful pulling effects of the Noos, which nullifies the lightness of the air current, resulting in the skurfer falling from the sky and tumbling to their death. A human definition would be skateboarding on air currents.

Snaca-doodtod – a three-headed death serpent that wears a grin on all three mouths because it has never been defeated by its prey.

TreeTransport or TreePort – the official way Elementals travel the world. Specific trees, which are native to certain urban and rural environments, create the best mode of TreeTransport. However, all travelers are required to have proper E-passes before embarking on their journey.

The V.O.I.C.E. – (also known as the Virtual Omninavigational Inclusive Connecting Elementals) the Elemental news network. The paper is run by editor-in-chief Verbum Smith.

Umbos – the abomination that divides the essence, or the life force in its purest form, from the corporeal, which is the grounding physical body all Elementals must maintain while living on Earth.

Vile Trade – the acquisition and trading of stolen Opus Stones. The Fectus are the puppet masters behind this most heinous trade, and are solely responsible for acquiring Opus Stones through calculating and unscrupulous means. Opus Stones that survive the extraction process without being cracked are sold at a premium within the Vile Trade. Cracked Opus Stones are sold at a lowered value and have a limited shelf life.

Wood Elementals – only one of five designated Elemental classifications. Wood Elementals are masters of travel, air, communication, vision, ether, learning, music, and philosophy; also, some forms of gardening, technology, large-scale organizations, and community.

Zephyr – a floating landmass where a vast community of Elementals reside. In the past, Wood Elementals primarily inhabited Zephyrs. However, with the spreading of Funk and the expansion of the Fectus’s power, more and more Elementals have opted to leave human-populated cities. Zephyrs are not visible to the human eye, due to the Elemental alchemic design. Human planes fly around them, and they don’t show up on radar.